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Specials on Freestanding Fireplaces in South Africa, Winter 2024

There’s nothing like a cosy fire to warm up the house and make the coldest months of the year more enjoyable.

To make this winter warmer and easier, Turbovent is offering exceptional specials on freestanding fireplaces in South Africa.

The advantages of freestanding fireplaces

Freestanding fireplaces, also known as closed combustion fireplaces, offer many advantages over traditional fireplaces and other heating methods.

More efficient

Freestanding fireplaces use a double combustion system. This means they circulate and reignite the hot air from the fire. This results in more efficient burning of fuel.

No electricity

Fireplaces don’t use electricity, so they can help reduce your electricity bill. They heat your home when there’s a power outage – a lifesaver on chilly nights.


The door of a freestanding fireplace prevents sparks or embers from being ejected and potentially causing burns or starting a fire.

Fewer emissions

The closed system of a freestanding fireplace offers up to 90% fewer emissions compared to an open fireplace or gas heater.


Freestanding fireplaces have a sealed door, so smoke can’t contaminate the air. The closed system prevents ash and soot from escaping.

Easier maintenance

Because they’re more efficient and burn less fuel, closed combustion systems result in less ash and soot. There’s less cleaning and maintenance.

Winter 2024 specials on freestanding fireplaces

We have four models of our efficient and stylish Hydrofire freestanding fireplaces on special this winter.

Hydrofire Luna

The Hydrofire Luna is a compact but stylish freestanding fireplace that’s suitable for rooms measuring between 30 m² and 60 m².

The Luna is recommended for bedrooms, cosy living spaces and small offices. The Luna usually retails for R8,999, but is on special for R7,999*.

Hydrofire Roma

For slightly larger areas, the Hydrofire Roma offers a compact and sleek design that can easily manage rooms between 50 m² and 95 m².

The Roma is a great freestanding fireplace for warming open-plan living spaces. The Roma is now available for R9,999*, down from R10,999.

Hydrofire Deluxe LG

The Hydrofire Deluxe LG is a moderately-powered freestanding fireplace that’s suitable for rooms and spaces measuring 87 m² to 104 m².

This model comes with a full door to cover the ashtray and includes dual combustion air controls. Get the Deluxe LG on special for R11,999* and save R1,000.

Hydrofire Deluxe E

The Hydrofire Deluxe E is a beautifully-designed freestanding fireplace that can handle large spaces between 75 m² and 150 m².

The Deluxe E meets SIA 2022 Ecodesign standards, meaning it burns wood efficiently and minimises PM emissions.

The Hydrofire is normally priced at R16,999 but is on special for R15,999.

*All prices effective April 2024 and subject to change depending on supplier’s price and availability. Prices include VAT. Offer excludes installation. Offer valid while stocks last.

A few reasons we offer Hydrofire fireplaces

Hydrofire is a leading manufacturer of highly-efficient closed combustion fireplaces that use a double combustion system for maximum warmth at the lowest cost.

Hydrofire freestanding fireplaces return 70 to 85% of heat to the room when burning fuel – making them eco-friendly with 90% fewer emissions than conventional fireplaces.

Its fireplaces offer sleek and simple designs that are compact and easy to integrate into any décor style.

Turbovent stocks a curated catalogue of Hydrofire fireplaces that are most suited to South African homes and our climate.

Freestanding fireplaces from Turbovent

At Turbovent, we supply a range of top-end freestanding fireplaces and other heating and cooling products for homes, offices and commercial premises.

We offer full installation services and repairs or maintenance for all our products. Browse our online shop to see our full range of heating and cooling solutions.

For information on our latest specials on freestanding fireplaces in South Africa for winter 2024, keep an eye on our heating specials page.

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