Turbovent’s technicians offer expert installation of air conditioners, fireplaces, evaporative coolers and turbine roof ventilators throughout Gauteng.

This is part of our convenient, “all in one” service, which includes analysis of indoor air quality needs, assistance in choosing the best cooling and heating system, installation, technical and after-sales support and system maintenance.

Our technicians are qualified and experienced, and attend regular training workshops to ensure they stay up to date in their fields.

Turbovent technicians offer expert installation of all brands of air conditioners in Gauteng. This includes installation of wall-mounted air conditioners, ceiling-mounted four-way cassette systems and ducted air conditioning.

We also specialise in professional air conditioner servicing.

Our technicians are highly experienced in the installation of closed system fireplaces, ensuring they’ll perform optimally and look great in your home.

For all installations of fireplaces, we use only materials of the highest quality and take pride in our workmanship.

We offer expert installation of roof ventilation systems, including installation of roof turbine ventilators for domestic, commercial and industrial use.

For safety, performance and aesthetic reasons, it’s vital to have a professional, experienced technician install your evaporative cooler.

Our technicians specialise in installing evaporative coolers – including ducted and ductless systems –for residential, commercial and industrial use.

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Air conditioners from Turbovent
Air conditioners

Cool your home or office in the summer and heat it winter.

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Roof Vents

Turbines are the world’s most energy-efficient cooling system.

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Evaporative Coolers

Get natural ventilation for your factory, warehouse or home.

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Heat your home with no electricity costs this winter.