Dovre wood burning stoves

Dovre Wood-Burning Stoves: Beautiful (and Super-Efficient) Fireplaces for This Winter

Dovre wood-burning stoves are elegant, durable and fuel-efficient. They replicate the ambience of a traditional wood fire but without any of the soot, smoke or mess.

Why consider a Dovre fireplace?

The Dovre brand is synonymous with quality in manufacturing and materials.

Dovre’s high-tech manufacturing processes

Stoves and fireplaces are individually crafted at the Belgian foundry, using advanced manufacturing processes and sophisticated tools and equipment – spectral analysers, laser-controlled systems and 3D-precision measuring techniques.

The cast iron base material is specially selected for its heat-, wear- and impact-resistance qualities. Dovre stoves are made to last.

80 years of experience

Over 80 years, the Belgian company has evolved and integrated the latest heating technologies into its products.

In keeping with 21st-century demands, conventional wood-burning stoves are out. In their place are elegantly designed closed heating units that can be integrated into individual architectural styles and décor.

Benefits of closed-combustion fireplaces

Closed-combustion stoves and fireplaces, like those offered by Dovre, have significant advantages over traditional, open fireplaces.

Enhanced heating and fuel efficiency

Dovre uses a unique dual combustion system. The secondary air, which flows in at the back of the unit, is heated and passed into the combustion chamber.

This flow of air causes secondary combustion, which produces more heat and consumes the remaining combustible gases. The result? Maximised heat production and a cleaner, more environmentally-friendly and fuel-efficient burn.

Safe and low maintenance

As Dovre fireplaces are fully enclosed, any smoke, soot, ash and embers are safely retained within the unit.

Minimal cleaning is required. The collected ash can easily be extracted via a removable drawer.

The ambience of an open fire

Notwithstanding a closed design, Dovre stoves are fitted with panoramic windows to provide expansive views of the flames. Innovative air wash technology is used to keep the windows sparkling clean.

Efficient, eco-friendly heating available 24/7… despite load shedding

Eskom’s electricity generation capacity has been hampered by years of neglect and mismanagement. As a result, South Africans can expect a further five years of load shedding.

With that in mind, investing in heat generation that doesn’t rely on electricity is a necessity – and one that will stand you in good stead for the icy winters ahead.

The Dovre fireplaces we offer at Turbovent

Dovre’s closed-combustion fireplaces are heat-regulated systems with modern flue designs. They provide as much as 80% heat retention, cut out 90% of carbon emissions and use just a third of the fuel of traditional open fireplaces.

Turbovent offers a carefully chosen selection of free-standing Dovre fireplaces to South African consumers. The range consists of four closed-combustion wood-burning units.

Dovre Sense

A slim, compact, free-standing fireplace with curved lines and a large front window. The Sense is the ideal centrepiece for the contemporary home.

Dovre Vintage

Its compact lines and classic retro style give the Vintage free-standing heating nostalgia. Distinctive good looks are paired with a matt-black exterior, compatible with all interior décor.

Dovre Rock

Modern, minimalistic and with a workmanlike stance, the Rock is the futuristic fireplace. A stainless-steel pebble handle can be removed to enable heat-free fuel feeds.

Why use Turbovent as your fireplace supplier?

Turbovent specialises in supplying full-circle heating and cooling solutions to Johannesburg residents.

We offer a wide range of competitively priced products, sourced locally and abroad. Our team of technicians provides expert installations and maintenance.

Are you interested in investing in quality products powered by energy-efficient technologies?

Contact us online, call us on 011 613-6921 or visit the Turbovent head office to find out more about our stylish Dovre wood-burning stoves – for a cosy, warm winter.

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