Supplier of Hydrofire fireplaces in South Africa

The perfect heating solution. Hydrofire offers high-efficiency wood-burning fireplaces – for maximum warmth at the lowest cost. The company’s fireplaces also boast sleek designs that add to the value of any home. Turbovent offers a carefully chosen selection of Hydrofire closed-combustion fireplaces in South Africa. Our team also installs and services these fireplaces.


Features of our Hydrofire fireplaces

Our range of Hydrofire fireplaces feature a double combustion system, which recirculates and re-ignites the heated air generated by a fire. The consequence is much greater efficiency.

This type of fireplace burns fuel more completely, returning 70 to 85% of heat to the room. Compare this to the roughly 30% that’s typical of a conventional, open fireplace. Because they burn fuel more completely, they’re more eco-friendly – with up to 90% less emissions than conventional fireplaces.

Closed fireplaces are also:

  • safer (less emissions and no chance of sparks or rolling coals causing fires)
  • easier to clean (more of the wood burns so there’s much less mess after each fire)
  • reliable even during load shedding (no need for electricity)
  • comparatively inexpensive as a heating solution (their optimal burning technology means more heat for less fuel).

Hydrofire is based in Cape Town. The company was founded by Bulgarian-born and US-trained engineer, Kristo Nikolov.

It offers a range of built-in and freestanding fireplaces, as well as central heating and plumbing solutions. For South African consumers, choosing a locally designed fireplace makes good sense.

Hydrofire prices are stable and significantly lower than for comparable, imported fireplaces. (Imported fireplace prices are affected by the weakness of the rand relative to other currencies. They’re also very heavy to ship.) With Hydrofire, there’s the additional assurance of a high-quality product that’s built to last.

Turbovent offers expert installation and professional servicing of Hydrofire fireplaces. It’s generally recommended that a closed combustion fireplace be serviced once a year.