Maintenance & Servicing

Turbovent’s technicians offer expert servicing of air conditioners, evaporative coolers and turbine ventilators throughout Gauteng.

This is part of our turnkey service, which includes analysis of indoor air quality needs, advice on the best cooling and heating products, installation, after-sales and technical support and system maintenance.

All our technicians are properly qualified and experienced. They also attend regular training workshops, ensuring they stay up to date in their fields.

Regular servicing of air conditioners is vital for ensuring that the units perform at their best and have the longest possible lifespans. Generally, any air conditioner should be serviced at least annually – although twice a year is ideal.

Turbovent technicians offer comprehensive aircon servicing, as well as expert repair services, for all brands of air conditioners available in Gauteng.

Air conditioner servicing and maintenance includes compressor conditioning, filter changes, dust removal and inspection of pipes and ducts, along with any required repairs.

Like air conditioners, evaporative coolers should be serviced at least annually.

Evaporative coolers have few moving parts and aren’t highly vulnerable to mechanical breakdowns. However, they can become clogged up with dust and small debris. They also provide a damp environment that may encourage growth of mould and bacteria.

Our technicians perform expert evaporative cooler servicing to ensure your unit functions optimally and circulates only clean air.

This involves removing and cleaning louvres and filter pads, cleaning the water tank, testing for proper airflow, testing each system component – including the water pump, fan and drain, float and solenoid valves – and performing a full-function test.

We offer expert turbine maintenance and servicing. This should be performed once or twice per year, to ensure that turbine ventilators continue to run efficiently.

Over time, a turbine ventilator may become clogged up with leaves and other debris. A lack of lubrication can cause the blades to stick or spin abnormally, sometimes causing a squeaking noise. Also, because the turbine is exposed to the elements, the clamps or rivets that secure it to the roof may eventually work loose.

For all these reasons, routine servicing is important.

During turbine ventilator servicing, we:

  • clean each turbine
  • grease bearings
  • check the condition of waterproofing
  • check the turbine’s overall working condition.

We also offer waterproofing of both small and large turbine ventilators.

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