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Simply Gorgeous Fireplaces to Consider for This Winter

One of the most effective and economical ways of heating a living space is to install a closed combustion fireplace. This type of fireplace burns far more efficiently than an open fire. It’s also safer, less messy and attractive to look at.

Here we offer an introduction to just a few of our favourites, selected from the range of closed combustion fireplaces we offer in South Africa.

Dovre Sense

Dovre is a Belgian family-run business that has been operating for over 80 years.

The company designed the Dovre Sense closed combustion fireplace to be exceptionally clean-burning and energy-efficient. Its thermal efficiency is up to 60% greater than an open fireplace.

The Sense’s slim design features a large viewing window and its elegant curved edges highlight the quality of the lacquered cast iron finish. The Sense’s door has an innovative slam-lock mechanism for added safety.

The Dovre Sense also features:

  • dual combustion closed system for higher burn temperatures
  • an “airwash” system that keeps the window clean and clear
  • combustible flue gases are consumed, resulting in fewer emissions.

Alternative closed combustion fireplaces

If you’re looking for a more entry-level fireplace that still does the job well, we also stock these tasteful fireplaces from Blaze and Mega Master.

Mega Master Bosca

The Mega Master Bosca is imported from Chile and is manufactured from rolled steel. The Bosca features a stylish design that fits in with most décor and provides a high heat range of 40-80 square metres. The Bosca comes with a 10-year warranty and starts from.

Visit our heating page to see our full range of closed-combustion fireplaces and other household heating options.

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