3 Best Fireplaces in South Africa for 2024

3 Best Fireplaces in South Africa for 2024

Keep warm this winter – and save dramatically on electricity bills – with one of the best fireplaces in South Africa for 2024.

What contributes to a top rating for a fireplace?    

The most desirable fireplace offers a combination of performance and style at an affordable price. It features a robust design, is easy to maintain and enhances the ambience of a room.

Best fireplaces for sale in South Africa this year 

If you’re considering installing a fireplace in your home, here are 3 makes and models that are tops in their respective categories.

Best affordable fireplace for 2024 

With clean lines, stainless steel finishes and a full door concealing the ash pan, the Hydrofire Deluxe LG is an attractive and highly effective heating solution for spaces up to 115 square metres in size.

The competitive price belies punchy 9 kW power output and a build quality defined by a corrosion-resistant cast iron grate and vermiculite-clad combustion chamber.

Deluxe features include air intake vents, dual combination air controls, an open log stacking shelf and viewing window to display the flames.

Most stylish fireplace for this year

A clean-burning, free standing fireplace synonymous with contemporary chic. It is  compact in design and boasts a premium quality all-cast iron construction and traditional matt black finish.

An extra-large portrait-style window is kept consistently clean by advanced airwash technology, and provides an unimpeded view of the flames within.

Key features include an integrated log box, full width door with slam-lock closing mechanism and open grate with removable ash pan.

The Dovre Sense 203 has a fuel-dependent power output of up to 9kW and A-efficiency rating. It is effective at heating areas of up to 235 cubic metres – and is destined to become the trendy talking point of any modern home!

Top classic fireplace for 2024 

A rustic design coupled with the latest Clean Burn and Airwashing technologies make the Dovre Classic 250 a formidable choice for homeowners who prefer the vintage look.

The subtle curves, rounded edges and decorative detailing are reminiscent of the original wood stoves of yesterday, with one exception. The freestanding multi-fuel fireplace is compact in size.

Despite a comparatively small footprint, the cast iron ‘maiden’ has a maximum power output of 8kW. That is more than enough to heat a room of up to 168 cubic metres quickly and efficiently.

Besides a large half-circle window and stout little legs, the Dovre Classic features a black lacquer finish, Chamotte firebrick-clad combustion chamber and removable ash pan.

Advantages of a fireplace over electric heaters 

An electric heater may be a plug-and-play heating solution but in today’s South Africa, it may spend more time off than on! Despite all the loadshedding disruptions, the price of electricity also continues to climb at an unprecedented rate.

Here’s why a wood-burning fireplace is a much better option:

  • increases your home’s resale value
  • doesn’t need electricity or suffer from electrical faults
  • significantly lower monthly costs
  • heats a living space more effectively
  • adds ambience to your living area.

Why opt for a closed combustion fireplace? 

A closed combustion fireplace is a fully enclosed unit. Once the fire is started, wood is fed into the firebox through a sealed door.

The flow of air drawn into the combustion chamber can be adjusted via one or more controls on the exterior of the unit. This makes it easy to regulate the size of the flame and associated heat output.

Due to a double combustion system, this type of fireplace burns fuel more completely than an open fire. The result is significantly more heat for the same fuel – without the smoke and noxious gases typical of an open fire.

Closed combustion fireplaces are eco-friendly, cost-effective and easy to clean. They’re also a lot safer than open fireplaces.

What we offer at Turbovent

Turbovent offers a full range of wood-burning stoves and fireplaces manufactured by trusted international brands, along with accessories, tools and installation kits.

We also offer expert installation of fireplaces. Simply order the fireplace of your dreams online, and indicate whether installation is required. We’ll take care of the rest. Contact us for more information or to discuss your needs.

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