Evaporative cooling uses approximately 80% less electricity to cool vs traditional air conditioners. They are also healthier for people and cool without drying out the air and allowing you to keep your doors and windows open. We also offer installation and maintenance of all our systems.

Evaporative air conditioning uses the natural process of evaporation to cool the air.

A pump circulates water from a reservoir onto a cooling pad, and a fan draws fresh air from outside through the saturated pad. As the air passes through the pad, it’s cooled by evaporation.

This approach to cooling may be simple, but it’s also highly effective.

It’s also much quieter, cheaper and healthier than traditional air conditioning.

How evaporative coolers work

Evaporative cooling utilises nature’s cooling process. A roof-mounted cabinet uses a fan to draw outside air over water- saturated pads and pass it through the roof via a duct. Large particulate contaminants are removed as the air enters the pads.

As the air makes contact with the water, it is cooled by evaporation to a degree depending on the dryness of the air. This results in fresh, clean, cool air which is then directed into the interior of the building. The drier the air, the faster the rate of evaporation and the greater the cooling effect.

How evaporative coolers work

Health benefits

A traditional air conditioner recirculates the air in an enclosed space. As a result, the air indoors may become stale, with reduced oxygen levels. It can also dry the eyes and aggravate allergy symptoms.

Unlike standard air conditioners, evaporative coolers continually circulate fresh air throughout your home or office.

They gently cool and humidify air that’s drawn in from outside. They also clean this air, filtering it through water to remove dust, pollen and other outdoor contaminants.

There’s no need to close windows and doors. As well as filtering the air that passes through it, an evaporative cooler maintains a positive pressure in the building. This helps keep dust, pollen and pollution from entering through open windows and doors.

Cost and environmental benefits

Evaporative cooling is one of the most cost-effective means of cooling air. It achieves a saving of up to 87% of energy costs compared with traditional air conditioning.

Evaporative cooling uses a natural cooling process rather than refrigerant gases, which are harmful to the environment and can pose health hazards for people.

Evaporative coolers are equally suitable in both homes and public and commercial spaces, such as shops, showrooms, schools and factories.