Turbovent supplies a select range of inverter air conditioners, manufactured by leading South African and international brands.

Inverter air conditioners automatically adjust the flow of refrigerant they contain to regulate the ambient temperature.

Unlike non-inverter units, they don’t off once the required temperature is reached and then on again when the temperature increases.

Instead, they replace the stop-start cycles typical of non-inverter machines with smooth, continuous operation.

Inverter air conditioners don’t have to work as hard as non-inverter units. That’s because they don’t frequently switch off and then have to run at full power again when they turn back on.

Key advantages of inverter air conditioners over non-inverter models:

  • longer lifespan due to less wear and tear
  • up to 40% lower power consumption
  • quieter operation, due to elimination of frequent start-stop cycles
  • more consistent regulation of ambient temperature.

At Turbovent, we offer a range of inverter air conditioners from well-established local and international brands. Units are available in a variety of sizes, designs and models, and are covered by warranties.

We also offer professional installation, repairs and maintenance of inverter air conditioners, at competitive rates.