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Alliance produces a range of highly energy-efficient, quiet inverter air conditioners, in split and ducted models.

These air conditioners are ideal for all residential cooling and heating needs, and for air conditioning in office and other commercial premises.

In addition to energy-efficient inverter technology, Alliance inverter air conditioners feature:

  • eco-friendly R410A gas, to protect the environment
  • cooling and heating for areas ranging from 13 m² to 56 m²
  • sleek design and easy installation
  • user-friendly remote control
  • LED temperature display.
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What is an inverter?

Without an inverter, an air conditioner cools a space to a desired temperature and then switches off. Once the ambient temperature changes, the air conditioner has to start up again. It then works at full capacity to get the air back to the desired temperature.

Inverter technology is much quieter and more energy efficient. It eliminates these sharp changes in load, and makes it unnecessary for the unit to stop and start up again.

Instead, it continually regulates the temperature, keeping it exactly where it’s required – and perfectly comfortable – all the time. This can result in energy savings of up to 40%, compared to non-inverter models.

Capacity 29000 Btu/h
Indoor air flow (Hi/Mi/Lo) 1550/1355.3/1119.4 m3/h
Indoor noise level (Hi/Mi/Lo) 48/42/36.5 dB(A)
Dimensions WxDxH 1350x272x365 mm
Gross Weight 28.8 kg
Operation temperature 17 – 30°C
Application area 40 – 58m2
Warranty Up to 5 years



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