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Temperature Records Being Broken in SA and Around the World

According to the World Meteorological Organisation, July 2019 was officially “the hottest month on record, since record-keeping began 140 years ago.”

Over just the past year, temperatures reached record highs in many countries. It’s no longer possible to stay in denial about climate change.

In South Africa, like much of the rest of the world, we can expect summers to keep on getting hotter.

We all need to continue doing what we can to combat global warming. In the meanwhile, there has never been a better time to invest in an efficient air conditioning or evaporative air cooling system for your home and office.

Temperature record claimed in South Africa

Some are skeptical, but Vioolsdrif in the Northern Cape is said to have reached a world record-breaking temperature of 53.2° degrees Celsius in 2019.

Temperature records smashed in Europe

Between May and August 2019, temperature records were broken in 29 countries.

In Europe, Germany, France and the Netherlands were among those most affected. France, for example, set an all-time high temperature of 46° C.

According to a California-based climate institute, there were “1,200 instances of places in the northern hemisphere being the hottest they’d ever been in a given month.”

Temperature records broken in India and Pakistan

From May to June 2019, India and Pakistan experienced one of the longest and hottest heatwaves.

In the Indian state of Bihar alone, at least 184 people died.

The heatwave also led to water shortages, which in some cases sparked fights.

Temperature records broken in Australia

Australia recorded its hottest ever average temperature, at 41.9° C, in December 2019.

In South Australia, the town of Nullarbor reached a temperature of 49.9° C.

These high temperatures contributed to the rampant (and previously unparalleled) wild fires that, by the start of 2020, had spread across the country.

Temperature records broken in Asia

In 2019, all-time temperature highs were recorded at ten locations in Japan. Eleven people died during the heatwave.

In April, 2019, Vietnam also recorded its highest ever temperature, 43.4° C.

Temperature records broken in North America

North America experienced extreme weather over the course of the year, including:

More record lows than highs were recorded.

However, some dramatic highs did occur. For example, British Columbia in Canada broke a 123-year temperature high in March.

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