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Air Conditioners

We have a large range of air conditioners at competitive prices, and provide expert installation, support and maintenance. We service both homes and businesses. Call us for expert advice on 011 613 6921.

Portable Aircons

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Types of air conditioners we offer

We offer a carefully selected range of premium air conditioners, for domestic and commercial spaces.

For independent control of air quality in individual rooms, our wall-mounted air conditioners provide optimum air cooling and heating, with energy-saving inverter technology.

Our ceiling-mounted four-way cassette air conditioners, also with inverter technology, are ideal for air conditioning in larger spaces, in upmarket domestic or commercial environments.

Alternatively, gain uniform control over air quality throughout your home, business or retail space with our ducted air conditioning systems, ideal for cooling or heating multiple rooms.

Benefits of air conditioners

Air conditioners provide a cost-effective and reliable way of managing indoor temperatures, with units suitable for all types of spaces, from small offices to large halls.

Air conditioners are also energy-efficient. Modern air conditioners include a reverse cycle, which allows units to heat air efficiently. Using air conditioners for heating can result in as much as a 60% energy saving over using conventional direct element heaters.

As well as providing comfortable ambient temperatures, air conditioners help control humidity and can filter the air to improve air quality.

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