how to choose an air conditioner

How to Choose an Air Conditioner

An air conditioner can make a big difference to your quality of life, especially during the more extreme weather months.

If you’re considering installing an air conditioner this summer, there are a few things to consider before you choose a particular type and model.

Type of air conditioner


These smaller units are installed through windows or through an external wall, with the interior and exterior components sitting back-to-back. These are great for cooling a single small to medium sized room. They are the most popular option for homes and small offices.


This type of air-conditioner consists of a unit inside the house and an outdoor compressor unit linked via pipes. They are usually used to cool one or two larger rooms. They are often used when back-to-back installation is not possible.


Similar in design to a split-system, except that there is more than one indoor unit also connected to the outdoor compressor with pipes. This is ideal for cooling more than one room at a time.


This system has a single central unit that is connected via ducts in the ceiling or walls of a building. Each room has its own temperature control.

They are the most expensive to install. On the plus side, they are the most effective and efficient for cooling an entire house or office building.

Size of the room

The size of the area you want to cool will dictate what type of system you need but it will also tell you what capacity (BTUs) to get. Other things to consider when deciding on the capacity are things like the local climate, how much sun or shade the room gets, whether or not it is insulated and whether or not it has heavy curtains or drapes.

All these things can affect the efficiency of your air-conditioner. It’s best to discuss the room specifications with an expert installer before buying an air conditioner.

They will be able to advise you on the capacity you need, as well as the best placement in the room or building.

Running costs

Choosing the right capacity will make sure you don’t end up with exorbitant running costs but also make sure your air conditioner has a certified energy saving rating. Also choose one that has different modes designed for optimal energy saving depending on the required temperature.


It’s important to check the decibel level of the air conditioner you want to buy. A noisy indoor unit can be distracting and a noisy outdoor unit could even disturb your neighbours if they are close by.

Look for the dBA number when deciding which air conditioner to buy. For comparison, 30dBA is a pretty low sound level while anything more than 60dBA is considered loud.


Make sure you buy your air conditioner from a vendor that can also install it. This will ensure that they are certified to do so and that they know the exact specifications of the model.

Popular air conditioners

Turbovent stocks a range of premium air conditioning options for homes and offices. Their crew of experienced technicians provide installation and maintenance services for their products throughout southern Africa.


Samsung AR3000 Non-Inverter Midwall Split

Samsung is a well-known and reliable brand, producing a range of air conditioners that are efficient and quiet. Most models are sleek and unobtrusive, and include features like a night mode, which adjust the temperature for maximum comfort throughout the night.


Alliance Aqua Inverter Range

Alliance is known for making energy efficient and quiet air conditioners. They use eco-friendly R410A gas and have a good range of capacities for different size rooms.

About Turbovent

Since 1990, Turbovent has been importing, manufacturing and distributing a growing range of products including turbine ventilators, air conditioners, and ducting and heating solutions.

Contact us for expert advice on choosing the best air conditioner for your needs. We also offer professional installation and maintenance services.


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