Supplier of Dovre stoves in South Africa

Turbovent offers a carefully chosen selection of freestanding Dovre fireplaces to South African consumers. We import these high-quality, cast-iron heating systems straight from the supplier in Belgium. Our relationship with the family-owned company allows us to offer competitive Dovre fireplace prices. Turbovent also installs and services Dovre fireplaces in South Africa.

Made in Belgium for over 80 years, Dovre wood-burning stoves are elegant, durable and fuel-efficient.

They offer all the warmth and ambience of a traditional wood fire – but with much greater efficiency (and without all the smoke and mess).Here’s how Dovre’s closed-combustion fireplaces compare to traditional open fireplaces:

  • they provide up to 80% heat retention (compared to 30% for an open fireplace)
  • they eliminate 90% of carbon emissions
  • they use just a third of the fuel of open fireplaces.

Dovre stoves and fireplaces are individually crafted at the Belgian foundry, using advanced manufacturing processes. Their cast iron base material is exceptionally resistant to heat, wear and impact – for heating systems that last a lifetime.

These elegantly designed closed heating units can be integrated in almost any home, with beautiful results.

We can assist you in selecting the fireplace or stove that’s best suited to your needs and the space you have in mind.

Turbovent also offers professional installation of Dovre fireplaces, as well as expert annual servicing.