Best Turbine Ventilators in South Africa for 2024

Best Turbine Ventilators in South Africa for 2024

Turbine ventilators are affordable, eco-friendly cooling solutions that are easy to install and maintain.

They use the power of the wind to draw hot, stale air, smoke and fumes from the interior of homes, offices, schools and factories.

Units are available in a variety of materials, designs and sizes, and are suitable for a wide range of applications.

Here’s a selection of the best turbine ventilators in South Africa – overall and according to cost, application and purpose.

We end with a FAQ, with more information about turbine ventilators and what to consider when choosing one.

Top-rated turbine ventilator for home use   

A best-selling, all-purpose ventilator that can easily be installed on any roof type, from tile and zinc to concrete or thatch.

The outer casing is manufactured from corrosion-proof aluminium or galvanised steel. Vanes are dust and waterproof, and quality Teflon bearings are permanently sealed in the housing to provide maintenance-free operations.

The Whirlybird is an affordable domestic heat extraction solution backed by a five-year warranty.


  • effective at extracting heat, dust and odours
  • improves the efficiency of roof insulation
  • can be colour-coated on request
  • no operating or maintenance costs
  • improves air quality
  • suitable for all roof types.

Top-rated industrial turbine ventilator 

Developed, designed and manufactured to extract large quantities of hot air and fumes from factories, workshops and warehouses, the Twister is tough, resilient and built to last.

Units are available in aluminium or galvanised steel. They’re ideal for roofs over four metres high.

The Twister is available in two models that are effective at cooling and refreshing spaces of up to 120 m2. Housings can be colour-coated to blend in with the roofing.


  • manufactured in South Africa
  • ideal for large-space heat and fume extraction
  • corrosion-free
  • chemical tolerant
  • up to 61,509 m3/hr extraction rate
  • can be colour-coated
  • five-year warranty.

Best affordable turbine ventilator for domestic use 

The Whirlyvent is manufactured from UV-stabilised polypropylene, a durable material that has an average life span of more than 10 years.

Due to the anti-rust and anti-corrosion effect of the material, this turbine ventilator is especially recommended for homes and offices exposed to sea air.

Sealed, lubricated bearings require no maintenance and provide near-silent operations – a major plus in domestic settings.


  • sturdy and lightweight
  • vanes operate in the lightest breeze
  • does not rust, corrode, chip or dent
  • colour and UV stabilised
  • quiet operations
  • extended life span.

Best chimney turbine ventilator for smoke extraction 

With a rotating dome that extracts smoke and creates a down draught to draw the fire, the Chimney Champ is the braai master’s best friend.

It creates comfortable, smoke-free conditions, while promoting a substantial flare to heat the home or braai the meat.

The turbine’s housing is mounted on a plate on top of the chimney, and is suitable for open fires, closed combustion fireplaces and built-in braais.


  • constructed from corrosion-proof Chromadek material
  • heat-resistant bearings
  • easy installation
  • stops rain and draughts from entering the chimney
  • supports a smoke- and odour-free environment.

Affordable ventilator for warehouses & factories   

The LP Vent is a low-cost turbine ventilator suitable for large floor spaces. It’s designed to extract heat, smoke, fumes and odours on an industrial scale.

Units feature angled vane technology for optimal performance in all wind speeds. Maximised exhaust capabilities are enabled through large 500 mm or 600 mm throats and high-precision dual bearings.

The lightweight, high-strength aluminium alloy construction is rust and corrosion proof. Units are sprayed with a protective fluorocarbon coating in a neutral metal grey colour.


  • low profile housing
  • extraction rate up to 5,395 m3/hr   
  • no maintenance or operating costs
  • year-round ventilation
  • water and dust proof
  • three-year warranty.

Best turbine ventilator for vehicles   

The GP Vent is designed to draw fumes, gases, toxins and unpleasant odours from the interior of a vehicle.

It freshens the air, reduces heat, humidity and condensation, and provides a healthy and more comfortable environment for the vehicle’s driver and occupants.

The low-profile housing is made from strong, lightweight and impact-resistant polymer and has an average extraction rate of 63 m³/h.

The unit is easy to install and suitable for a wide range of vehicles – horseboxes, motor homes, caravans, commercial vans, trucks and cars.


  • reduces the spoilage of goods
  • creates a healthy in-cab environment
  • improves driver alertness
  • suitable for all types of vehicles
  • backed by a three-year warranty.


As the wind blows, hot air that rises and collects under the roof is extracted by the rotating movements of the vanes. Fresh, cool air flows in to fill the vacuum.

No electricity is used in the operation, little to no maintenance is required, and the ventilation process is natural and environmentally friendly. The only costs incurred are for the unit and installation.

Yes, it’s important to choose a model based on the square meterage of the space you intend cooling.

Yes. Turbine ventilators should always be installed on the highest point of the roof to extract the heat, fumes and odours most effectively.

These types of cooling solutions only have a few moving parts and require hardly any maintenance. If components do wear, they’re easily replaced on site.

Yes, an incorrectly installed turbine ventilator can lead to leaks, damage to the roof structure and compromised cooling capabilities.

Any material that does not rust, corrode or discolour, such as aluminium, stainless steel and polypropylene.

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