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Turbine Roof Ventilators: What You Should Know

Everyone who isn’t living in a cave knows that it’s only sensible to find ways to protect the environment. In a drought-prone country such as South Africa, ventilation is a major concern.

Turbine roof ventilators are eco-friendly ventilation systems that have no operating and maintenance costs. They harness the natural forces of convection and wind power to cool and ventilate enclosed spaces.

Along with maintaining comfortable ambient conditions in the home or office, industrial turbine ventilators remove pollutants, odours and toxins from any commercial environment, be it a restaurant kitchen or the factory floor.

Notwithstanding the application, turbine ventilators share the same basic design; that of a dome-shaped profile consisting of multiple wind vanes or blades wrapped vertically around the dome.

But how does a compact installation on the roof-top of a building move up to 1200 cubic metres of air around per hour without using electricity? Here’s a brief overview of how turbine ventilators work.

How turbine ventilators work

Turbine ventilators use a combination of convection and wind to extract hot, stale air from the inside, and replace it with clean, cooler air from the outside.

As we all know, hot air rises, and as it rises, the wind-powered spinning action of the vents sucks it outside. The resulting vacuum is immediately filled with fresh air which, due to its cooler temperature, sinks down into the building.

In addition to drawing heat, smoke and chemicals from buildings in the summer months, turbine ventilators remove humid, moisture-laden air – from kitchens and bathrooms – which collects in the roof, using exactly the same extraction method.

Common applications of turbine ventilators

Due to the ease of installation and the versatility of the system, turbine ventilators have multiple applications… in the home, the office, and on an industrial scale.

They’re a low cost and environmentally friendly alternative to air conditioning and, as they extract damp, condensed air, they support the integrity of the building’s structural materials, such as the roofing tiles, ceiling boards and wooden roof beams.

They are also clean, green commercial suction machines that remove fumes, dust, smoke and chemicals to create healthy, more productive work environments in the manufacturing, engineering, chemical, pharmaceutical and hospitality industries.

There are even custom turbine ventilators that can be installed on sewage pipes, and in motor vehicles, chimneys and flues, to create cooler, cleaner, more hygienic and odour-free confined spaces.

Benefits of using turbine roof ventilators

Turbine roof ventilators are fresh, completely natural ventilation solutions with a slew of benefits, some of which are:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Economical
  • Quiet, clean and eco-friendly
  • Maintenance free
  • Operate 24/7
  • Do not require electricity
  • Available in a variety of sizes, materials and models
  • Backed by warranties of up to 5 years

Where to find the best turbine ventilators in South Africa

Turbovent is a key supplier of quality turbine roof ventilators in South Africa. We have a wide range of models suitable for domestic and industrial applications.

Our DIY Supavent turbine is tailor-made for home ventilation. It’s constructed from UV-resistant polycarbonate, is tough and durable, and backed by a five-year warranty.

The all-purpose Whirlybird is available in aluminium and galvanised steel, and is the perfect domestic and industrial ventilation solution for roofs lower than four metres in height.

On the industrial side, the LP Vent Turbine is a lightweight and economical roof ventilator. It’s made from corrosion-free aluminium alloy, and finished in a protective fluorocarbon coating.

The neat, low profile Hurricane is a rugged, wind resistant aluminium ventilator. It features a heavy-duty bearing system ideal for demanding industrial conditions.

For the best extraction rates for roofs over four metres, the super-efficient Twister is designed for use in factories, warehouses and other large, expansive industrial applications.

Along with the incomparable quality of our turbine products, we offer a specialist installation service exclusive to Gauteng.

Turbovent specialises in providing affordable and efficient cooling systems to South African homes and businesses. We offer a range of products, from conventional air conditioning and heating systems to evaporative coolers and turbine ventilators. Contact us online or call 0860 266 537 to discuss your cooling needs.


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