Best non-inverter air conditioners for sale in South Africa. Turbovent offers a range of high-quality non-inverter air conditioners at competitive prices.


Non-inverter air conditioners use “traditional” air conditioner technology.

They don’t use inverters to regulate ambient temperature. Instead, they work at full capacity until a required temperature is reached. Then they switch off. Once the temperature changes, they turn on and work at full capacity again.

Inverter units may be wall-mounted split units or multi-split units.

Non-inverter air conditioners are less energy-efficient than inverter systems.

However, they have certain advantages over inverter units:

  • less expensive
  • easier and cheaper to maintain
  • perfectly suitable for booth cooling and *heating.

Non-inverter systems have been around longer than inverter air cons so replacement parts are more readily available. They make good entry-level air conditioners.

*On average, it’s cheaper to heat a room with an air conditioner than using an element heater.

Turbovent offers a range of affordable non-inverter air conditioners from leading brands. All units come with extensive warranties.

We also offer expert installation of non-inverter air conditioners and after-sales maintenance and servicing.