Turbovent offers a range of cassette air conditioners, manufactured by leading brands.


Cassettes are unobtrusive air conditioning units designed to be mounted flush with the ceiling.

They may also be wall-mounted, or even suspended, in narrow or confined spaces, where it wouldn’t be possible to install a split or ducted system.

This type of air conditioner is more powerful than a conventional wall-mounted unit. Because conditioned air is filtered and distributed in four directions (rather than just one), a cassette unit can heat or cool a space more quickly.

Typically, one cassette air conditioner can do the same job as three or four wall units.

Cassette air conditioners are available in a range of makes, models, sizes and capacities.

Benefits of cassette air conditioners include:

  • maximised performance
    Ceiling-mounted cassette air conditioners are faster and more efficient than wall-mounted units at distributing conditioned air throughout a room. This is partly because they’re mounted in a central position overhead, and partly because they distribute air in four directions.
  • quiet operation
    The condenser is mounted outside the building, ensuring noise is kept to an absolute minimum.
  • clean aesthetics
    The only visible component of a cassette air conditioner is a flat fascia panel. The rest of the unit is hidden in the ceiling.

Turbovent supplies a range of cassette air conditioners from the Jet-Air, Samsung and Alliance brands. All are compact, energy-efficient and easy to maintain.

Our sales consultants can assist with the selection of an appropriate cassette air conditioner based on your specific requirements. We also offer professional installation of cassette air conditioners and affordable maintenance and servicing.