Suppliers of Unitherm Air Conditioners & Air Coolers in South Africa

Turbovent supplies, services and maintains Unitherm air conditioners and air coolers. We ship units to customers across South Africa, and provide comprehensive after-sales support.


Unitherm air conditioners are ideal for cooling or heating indoor spaces of up to 43 square metres. They are cost-effective, reliable and backed by warranties.

Options include models from 9000 BTU to 22000 BTU, supporting ambient temperatures ranging from 7° to 48° Celsius.

Alternatively, opt for a Unitherm air cooler. Using the principle of evaporative cooling, this is an environmentally friendly, very economical and quiet option.

Chilled, filtered air, free of chemicals and refrigerants, is evenly distributed to cool indoor spaces.

Larger models have the capacity to cool both indoor and outdoor spaces, such as patios, braai areas, gazebos and marquees.

Units are lightweight, portable and suitable for cooling areas up to 70 square metres.

Unitherm air cons and coolers are predominantly manufactured in China and re-branded for the South African market.

OEM spares and parts are readily available at TecsaReco, one of the largest home appliance stockists in South Africa.

The company stores spares for all Uniterm air conditioners for at least five years.

Turbovent offers professional installation, repairs and maintenance of Unitherm air conditioner and air coolers. We are also always available to answer any queries you may have about our range of air conditioning and cooling units.