Supplier of TCL Air Conditioners in South Africa

Turbovent supplies and ships quality TCL air conditioners to customers located across South Africa. We also offer expert installations, servicing and maintenance of air conditioners.


TCL offers high-tech air conditioners designed for rooms up to 50 cubic meters. With cooling capacities from 9000 to 32000 BTU/h, the split wall-mounted units come in fixed speed and inverter configurations.

Innovative features ensure quick, convenient and energy-efficient cooling and heating.

The latest TCL air conditioners feature high-frequency air pumps with compressors that can achieve temperatures from 18 to 40° Celsius in just seconds.

Beyond temperature control, these units also adjust indoor humidity to ideal levels.

Attractive features include:

  • mute mode – for low-decibel operation
  • sleep mode – to improve comfort and energy efficiency overnight
  • a power cut auto restart feature – to alleviate the impact of power disruptions.

An eco mode, smart airflow feature and self-diagnosis function are standard across the range.

TCL Technology boasts a network of air conditioning production facilities across China, in Indonesia and in Brazil.

This electronics conglomerate has been manufacturing air conditioners for over 20 years. Its products and services are available in more than 160 countries, including South Africa.

Today, the company employs 69,828 people and turns over approximately USD $23 billion a year. It has a total annual output of 30 million units.

In 2022, the TCL Q-Series of air conditioners won the 2022 Reddot Design Award.

In addition to offering a range of TCL air conditioning units, we provide consumer advice, professional installations, and cost-effective maintenance of TCL air conditioners.