Supplier of Megamaster fireplaces in South Africa

Turbovent offers a carefully chosen selection of Megamaster fireplaces in South Africa – including the well-known Megamaster Bosca fireplaces, imported from Chile. Our team also installs and services these fireplaces.


Megamaster is a global company that has evolved into a leading supplier of braais and fireplaces in South Africa. Along with facilities elsewhere in the world, it has now opened a factory in Pretoria.

At Turbovent, we’ve focused on offering the best of a range of Megamaster closed-combustion, freestanding fireplaces. This includes an economical cast-iron fireplace in a traditional stove design, as well as a range of stylish Bosca fireplaces made in Chile.

These fireplaces are very efficient, providing up to 80% heat retention (as opposed to around 30% for a conventional, open fireplace).

They’re also:

  • extremely durable, with long lifespans
  • eco-friendly with up to 90% less emissions than a traditional fireplace
  • much easier to keep clean (because fuel is burned more completely)
  • available in sleek, attractive designs.

Our team offers expert installation and servicing of Megamaster fireplaces. It’s recommended that a closed-combustion fireplace be serviced once a year.