Supplier of Bonaire evaporative air coolers in South Africa

Evaporative cooling is a low-cost and healthy way to keep South African homes and offices cool and comfortable. Turbovent stocks top-of-the-range Integra II Bonaire evaporative air coolers. These are designed to provide whole-of-house coverage.


About Bonaire evaporative air coolers

Bonaire evaporative air coolers are intelligent and easy to use. Units are equipped with advanced features, including:

  • proprietary motor technology for quiet, seamless operation
  • 120 mm cooler pads for optimised cooling
  • pre-cool and pad-clean functionality
  • automatic duct shutter for draught prevention
  • specially designed fan to maximise output
  • water management device to reduce wastage.

Nominal airflow is model-dependent and varies from 12,000 m/h to 16,800 m/h. The most powerful evaporative cooler in the Bonaire Integra II range, the VSH85 model, has extra air units to enable the efficient cooling of a much larger home. Bonaire air coolers are available in beige or charcoal cabinets. They’re covered by a three-year warranty.

Bonaire is part of Symphony, a well-established manufacturer of cooling and heating products in Adelaide, Australia.

The company is recognised as a leader in quiet and efficient evaporative coolers. It uses the latest technologies and products are quality tested and ISO 9001 accredited.

Bonaire evaporative air coolers are sold in 60 countries.

Turbovent offers expert installations and specialised maintenance servicing of Bonaire evaporative air coolers.