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Affordable mobile cooling for your home and office. The UN168 is a whole-of-house evaporative cooler suitable for residential and commercial applications.

It features a neat ducted design and lightweight plastic casing. The cooler sits on four castors, so it’s easy to move around the home or office.

Despite an airflow capacity of 8,000 cubic metres per hour and cool air coverage of up to 70 m2, the UN168 is quiet, environmentally friendly and economical to run.

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Enhanced air quality for improved health

Standard features include a pre-dust filter and ioniser to remove particulates, microbes and odours from the air.

Allergy sufferers, and people living with asthma and other respiratory diseases, will benefit from the enhanced air quality generated by the Unitherm UN168.

Comfortable cooling

By producing healthy, naturally cooled airflow using an evaporative process, the air retains its moisture. The skin, eyes and mucous membranes don’t dry out or become irritated and inflamed.

Environmentally friendly

Unlike conventional air conditioners, which use coolants and refrigerants to chill the air, the UN168 uses evaporation.

No chemicals are released during the process and up to 80% less electricity is used to power operations. The UN168 portable evaporative air cooler has a significantly lower carbon footprint than a standard air conditioner.

Model Unitherm UN168
Airflow 8000m³/ h
Power 380W
Fan Type Axial
Speed 3
Noise S57dB (A)
Cover Area 50 – 70m²
Water Tank 57L
Water Consumption 8 – 1OL/h
Power Resource IPH 220V / 50Hz
Temperature Display Yes
Net Weight 31 kg
Dimension 800 x 480 x 1380mm



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