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The Unitherm UN165 is a versatile portable evaporative cooler suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

The unit is very quiet, economical to run and easy to move from one location to another.

Key features of the Unitherm UN165 portable evaporative cooler include:

  • LED and remote control
  • left to right auto-swing capabilities
  • auto and manual water inlets
  • 40 L water tank
  • ioniser to remove microbes, pollen and odours from the air.

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Evenly distributed chilled air

Clean, fresh, cooled air is circulated at a flow rate of 4,500 cubic metres per hour. It maintains a comfortable temperature in areas up to 35 m2.

A three-speed axial fan distributes the air through ducts on the front and sides of the unit.

Economical operations

In addition to low power consumption, the UN165 uses a minimal amount of water, yet it provides chilled air that doesn’t dry out the skin or make it difficult to breathe in South Africa’s more arid regions.


As an evaporative cooler, the UN165 is eco-friendly. It produces just 20% of the greenhouse gas emissions of a standard air conditioner. No toxic chemicals or refrigerants are used in the cooling process.

Model Unitherm UN165
Airflow 4500m³/ h
Power 160W
Fan Type Axial
Speed 3
Noise S61dB (A)
Cover Area 30 – 35m²
Water Tank 40L
Water Consumption 3 – 5L/h
Power Resource IPH 220V / 50Hz
Temperature Display Yes
Net Weight 22kg
Dimension 712 x 466 x 1180mm



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