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Samsung Boracay

samsung boracay
samsung boracay

Product details

The Samsung Boracay midwall split range of air conditioners includes models suitable for all common room sizes, with cooling and heating capacities of 9,000, 12,000, 18,000 or 24,000 BTU.

The Samsung Boracay air conditioners are reliable and energy efficient – and their sleek design makes them suitable for any room in the home.

Features of the Samsung Boracay

One of the most popular and affordable air conditioners in South Africa, the Samsung Boracay features:

  • a full high-density (HD) filter, which removes up to 60% of dust and allergy-causing particles from air before releasing it into rooms
  • a Turbo Cooling function, for ensuring that your environment reaches the desired temperature as fast as possible
  • Samsung’s Good Sleep mode, with automatic temperature and moisture adjustment throughout the night; this saves up to 36% of energy, as well as helping ensure a good night’s rest
  • a self-cleaning function, ensuring air that’s clean and fresh.

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Model 9000 Btu/hr 12000 Btu/hr 18000 Btu/hr 24020 Btu/hr
Capacity (cooling and heating) 2.638 kW 3.517 kW 15.275 kW 7.034 kW
Capacity 8500 Btu 11300 Btu 16400 Btu 22180 Btu
Noise level 41 dBA 42 dBA 47 dBA 49 dBA
Dimensions 820x347x287 mm 910x360x280 mm 1155x397x322 mm 1155x397x322 mm
Weight 10.40 kg 12.00 kg 17.00 kg 18.00 kg
Power consumption 848 W 1130 W 1700 W 2260 W
Air circulation (m³/min)

9.67 10.3 19 20
Auto-clean Yes Yes Yes Yes
24-hour timer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dehumidification Yes Yes Yes Yes