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Photovoltaic Systems

nupower photovoltaic system
nupower photovoltaic system

Product details

In a solar photovoltaic system – or solar PV system – energy from the sun, in the form of photons, knocks electrons free from atoms to generate electricity.

At Turbovent, we offer locally manufactured, NuPower PV systems, each featuring grade A, tier-1 solar panels, a solar inverter to convert DC to AC power and a battery bank.

We can supply and install the three main types of PV systems, including off-grid solar systems, grid-tied systems and backup systems.

Off-grid systems

Off-grid PV systems are designed to replace Eskom electricity or for use where there is no current access to the grid. They use battery banks to store excess power for when it’s needed.

The off-grid solar systems we supply use the latest European technology and can be configured to supply anything from a few hundred watts to several hundred kilowatts. They offer superior efficiency and very long life expectancies.

Grid-tied systems

Grid-tied solar systems don’t use batteries; the electricity they generate is fed into the load to supplement Eskom electricity.

This type of system supplies electricity only while the sun is shining, and switches off if there’s a power failure. Nonetheless, it can significantly reduce costs where applications have high energy use during the day, in commercial, industrial or even large residential settings.

Backup systems

A backup solar power system is designed to generate and store just enough power to provide a household with a few hours of electricity, for when access to the grid is interrupted. It includes an inverter and a battery bank. When Eskom power comes back on, it’s used to recharge the battery bank.

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Model 3KVA 5KVA 3KW 5KW 8KW
Output Voltage 230Vac ± 5% 230Vac ± 5% 230Vac ±2% 230Vac ± 2% 230Vac ± 2%
Constant safe output @ 25 deg C 2,4KW 4KW 2,5KW 4,5KW 6,5KW
Constant safe output @ 40 deg C 1,92KW 3,2KW 2,2KW 4KW 5,5KW
Maximum inverter efficiency 90% 90% 95% 95% 96%
Communication N/A N/A Yes, via CCGX Yes, via CCGX Yes, via CCGX
PV Array Size 1kWp 2kWp 3kWp 4,5kWp 7,5kWp
String arrangement 2 banks, 2 series 4 banks, 2 series 4 banks, 3 series 6 banks, 3 series 10 banks, 3 series
Daily Energy Yield (est) @ 16MJ/Day* 4 ̴ 4,4kWh 8 ̴ 8,8kWh 11,88 ̴ 13,2kWh 17,8 ̴ 19,8kWh 29,7 ̴ 33kWh
Daily Energy Yield (est) @ 22MJ/Day* 5.49 ̴ 6,1kWh 10.98 ̴ 12,2kWh 16,47 ̴ 18,3kWh 24,7kWh ̴ 27,45kWh 41,1 ̴ 45,75kWh
MPPT rating 60A 60A 70A 85A 2 x 70A
Max Array Capacity 1500W 3000W 4000W 4850W 8000W
Expandable No No Yes Yes Yes
Temperature compensated charging N/A N/A Yes Yes Yes
Battery bank capacity 24V 225A/H 48V 225A/H 48V 450A/H 48V 665A/H 48V / 820A/H
Max Battery storage 5,4kWh 10,8kWh 21,6kWh 31.92kWh 39,36kWh
Battery capacity @ 50% discharge 2,7kWh 5,4kWh 10,8kWh 15,96kWh 19,68kWh
Expected battery life @ 50% discharge daily* 1600 Cycles 1600 Cycles 2500 cycles 2500 cycles 2500 cycles
Expected battery life @ 30% discharge daily* 2750 cycles 2750 cycles 4200 cycles 4200 cycles 4200 cycles