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The JASA KF100-125 is a large-space evaporative air cooler suitable for domestic, commercial and light industrial applications in South Africa.

It has a powerful output of 9,000 cubic metres per hour and low decibel operations. These ensure optimal indoor performance in restaurants, warehouses, pubs, retail stores and open-plan offices.

  • This air cooler is suitable for outdoor applications
  • Rugged body – suitable for commercial and industrial use
  • High performance honeycomb pads on all three sides
  • Air Cooler with large capacity water tank
  • Water inlet float valve
  • Long distance air throw
  • High quality air filters to protect cooling pad
  • Three wind speeds
  • Strong wheels of commercial air cooler for easy portability
  • Easy removable pads, for ease of cleaning
  • Can run on inverter.

Out of stock

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Suitable for outdoor functions

Due to its compact design and enhanced mobility, the JASA KF100-125 is also suitable for outdoor functions and events, such as weddings, birthday parties, horse-racing meets and sporting events.

Comfortable conditions are maintained without drying out the air as 100% fresh air is constantly chilled using evaporation.

Enhanced air quality

High-performance cooling pads improve air quality by filtering out dust, pollen and other contaminants. The JASA KF100-125 is the healthy choice, especially for people suffering from allergies and respiratory conditions like asthma.

Low environmental impact

Power consumption is up to eight times lower than a conventional air conditioner and the unit uses a fraction of the water of an average shower.

The evaporative process is natural and non-toxic. It doesn’t require refrigerants or chemicals. As a result, the JASA KF100-125 is a low-cost, low-carbon footprint cooling solution.

Model KF100-125 Air Cooler
Nominal Max Airflow (m3/h) 9000
Voltage/Hertz/Phase (V/Hz/Ph) 220-240/50/1,220-240/60/1,100-127/60/1
Power Consumption (W) 425,500
Sound Pressure Level db(A) 68
Water Tank Volume (L) 125
Air Outlet Dimensions (mm) 570 x 580 x  2
Unit Size (mm) 860 x  530 x  2180
Weight (Kg) 39.5
Running Weight (Kg) 150
Shipping Quantity (40HQ) 61

JASA-KF100-125, JASA-KF200-125



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