Jydepejsen Cosmo

Product details

Jydepejsen is a family-owned Danish business that specialises in producing high-quality fireplaces and stoves. The company’s mission is to manufacture “the most durable and beautiful high-quality wood-burning stoves on the market.” The Jydepejsen Cosmo is no exception.

The Cosmo is a slow-combustion closed fireplace that features a simple classic design, ideal for modern homes.

Its large, stylishly curved glass front provides a gorgeous display, enabling you and your family to enjoy the beauty of flame without being exposed to smoke or sparks.

The Cosmo is made of high-quality rolled steel and has a full cast iron front. Its double combustion system ensures that it produces more heat for less wood, and far less emissions than an open fireplace.

The Jydepejsen Cosmo can effectively heat an area of approximately 140 cubic metres. The unit also features very simple air regulation, so you can turn the heat up or down to suit your needs.

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Door Cold handle
Material High-quality rolled steel
Nominal output 3 kW
Area 140 m3
Maximum output 8 kW
Dimensions 365 x 415 x 235 mm
Net weight 156 kg
Flue size 150 mm
Fuel Wood
Certificates CE/NS Tested
Warranty 5 years