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GP Vent Turbine Ventilator

Product details

The GP Vent is a ventilator specifically designed for vehicles.

It’s designed to replace stale interior air, including heat and odours, with fresh air when a vehicle is in motion and the windows are closed. By ensuring an adequate supply of oxygen in the vehicle, it can increase driver alertness, reducing the risk of road accidents.

Features of our GP Vent ventilator:

  • made from impact-resistant polymer
  • easy to install in a wide range of vehicles, including cars, vans, boats and trucks
  • improves comfort and driver alertness
  • backed by a three-year warranty against defective materials and manufacture.

Why order from Turbovent?

Expert installation and maintenance services
3 year warranty


GP Vent 130
Vanes 12 aerofoil vanes
Bearings Fully sealed bearings
Material Polycarbonate
Packaged weight 0.55 kg
Dimensions in mm (h x w x l) 105 x 205 x 205
Extraction rate (given wind of 5m/s) 65 m3/hr
Warranty 3 years