Dovre TAI45W

dovre tai45w freestanding fireplace

Product details

Featuring an ageless design and a clean-burning, highly efficient combustion system, the Dovre TA145W fireplace is the ideal option for adding comfort and warmth to your living space in winter.

The Dovre TA145W is a wood-burning closed fireplace that can effectively heat an area of approximately 270 cubic metres. Because of its double combustion system, it burns fuel more than twice as efficiently as an open fire.

The Dovre TA145W is manufactured in Belgium by a family-owned company that has been specialising in closed-system stoves and fireplaces for over 80 years. Like all Dovre products, it’s known for its durability. It’s made from high-quality cast iron, with an interior finished in cast iron and vermiculite.

The Dovre TA145W comes with a five-year warranty and has CE marking, certifying that it complies with stringent health, safety and environmental protection legislation.

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Door Modern flat glass
Material High-grade cast iron
Nominal output 3 kW
Area 270 m3
Maximum output 11 kW
Dimensions 615 x 800 x 435 mm
Net weight (kg) 130
Flue size 150 mm
Fuel Wood
Certificates CE
Warranty 5 years