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Dovre Modern 325CB

dovre modern fireplace

Product details

Dovre fireplaces and stoves are known for their exceptional quality. They’re made in Belgium, by a family-run business that has been operating for over 80 years.

The Dovre Modern is a compact, freestanding combustion fireplace, ideal for almost any living area. It’s made of cast iron and has a square firebox with an easy to use handle and a removable ash pan.

The fireplace uses a secondary combustion system. Air is drawn from behind the stove and directed at the combustion chamber, causing the fire to burn much hotter.

A traditional, open fireplace burns at an efficiency of roughly 20%. In contrast, the Dovre Modern closed fireplace has an efficiency rating of over 80% (81% for the wood-burning model and 83% for the multi-fuel model).

As a result, the fireplace is extremely efficient, producing more heat for less fuel. It also burns much cleaner than an open fireplace, making it better for people and the environment.

The fireplace’s window provides a perfect view of the flame. It also uses Dovre’s “Airwash” system – air is directed at the window specifically to help keep it clean and free of ash.


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Model Modern 325*
Fuel Wood/ wood and anthracite (model dependent)
Door Modern flat glass
Material High-grade cast iron
Area up to 240 m3
Nominal output 5 kW
Maximum output 7 kW
Dimensions 465 x 560 x 490 mm
Flue size (mm) 125 mm
Warranty 5 years


*Specifications may vary depending on the model selected.