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Dovre Astroline

dovre astroline fireplace

Product details

The Dovre Astroline – a freestanding, wood-burning stove – is a new addition to Dovre’s range of high-quality stoves and fireplaces. It features an attractive, contemporary design with gently curving lines and a large window at just the right height to provide a generous view of the flame.

Manufactured in Belgium, the Dovre Astroline is made of durable cast iron and is exceptionally clean-burning. It uses a dual combustion system, drawing in air from above the stove, heating it and channelling it to the combustion chamber. This provides “secondary” combustion of gases and fuel.

The result is that the stove is at about 60% more effective than an open fire. It generates more heat with less fuel and fewer emissions, making it economical to use and healthier for both people and the environment.

The Dovre Astroline also includes Dovre’s “airwash” feature – it washes air over the window to help keep it clean, ensuring a good view of the flame.

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Model Astroline 4*
Fuel Wood
Door Modern flat glass
Material High-grade cast iron
Area 270 m3
Nominal output 8 kW
Maximum output 10 kW
Dimensions 465 x 1140 x 420 mm
Flue size 150 mm
Warranty 5 years


*Specifications may vary depending on the model selected.