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Celair Profile Evaporative Cooler

Product details

Celair offers quality, reliability and durability.

The Celair Profile evaporative cooler offers reliable, healthy cooling for industrial and commercial spaces. It’s quieter, healthier and much cheaper – saving up to 87% of energy costs – than traditional air conditioning.

Celair evaporative coolers are designed and manufactured in Australia, by the same company that produces the Bonaire range of coolers for home use. The company is ISO9001 accredited, and has been creating cooling systems for over 60 years.

Features of the Celair Profile evaporative cooler:

  • 3-year warranty
  • ideal for commercial and industrial use
  • motor designed for durability and quiet operation
  • high-performance injection moulded fan and FiltercoolTM filter pads
  • high-strength, UV-stabilised cabinet
  • available in charcoal or beige.

Why order from Turbovent?

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3 year warranty


Model PROFILE 1200
Airflow at 100 Pa (m/h) 12550
Total power consumption (watts) 1590
Hushwing fan Aerowing axial 9 blade
Pump type JRM E/P38
CELDEK cooling pads (thickness in mm) 75
Shipping dimensions (base x front height x back height, in mm) 1100 x 990 x 880
Weight (kg) 67
Operating weight (kg) 92
Duct size (mm) 550 x 550
Tank capacity (litres) 17.5
Sound levels (dB) 70