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Airsure Patio Heater

patio heater
patio heater

Product details

Our Airsure patio heaters are ideal for commercial or home use, for heating open spaces such as patios, bomas, restaurants and warehouses.

The Airsure patio heater is a radiant heater that uses infrared rays to heat people and objects directly, without having to heat the surrounding air first. It’s quick and very efficient, and provides a natural, healthy heat that doesn’t dry out the air or make closed areas stuffy.

Depending on the selected model, a single Airsure patio heater can effectively warm an area ranging from 20 to 40 square metres.

An Airsure patio heater can be fitted on a wall or mounted on the ceiling, allowing for easy installation in both small and large areas.

Why order from Turbovent?

Expert installation and maintenance services

1 year warranty


Model no.

JH – NR – 20 – 11A

JH – NR – 40 – 11A





20-25 m2

35-40 m2


1170 x 270 x 70 mm

1470 x 395 x 75 mm

Electrical supply

Single phase

Single phase

Rated voltage

220 – 240 V

220 – 240 V

Rated current

9.1 A

17.7 A

Conductor cross-sectional area

1 ~ 2.5

2.5 ~ 6

Suggested power switch




1 year

1 year