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Best split unit air conditioners for sale in South Africa

Turbovent offers a range of affordable split unit air conditioners from trusted brands. These are our most popular air conditioners.

A split unit air conditioner has indoor and outdoor units, usually mounted back to back on an exterior wall.

A variation is the multi-split air conditioning system. This has multiple indoor units linked to a single outdoor unit. This involves a more complex installation process.

Benefits of a split unit air conditioner include:

  • quieter operation because the compressor and fan are outside
  • more consistent, energy-efficient cooling than a duct system
  • simple, inexpensive installation
  • up to 60% less energy for heating than element heaters.

The advantage of a multi-split system is that you can cool or heat multiple rooms using a single air conditioner.

Turbovent offers a range of affordable split-unit air conditioners from leading brands. All units come with extensive warranties. We also offer expert installation of split-unit and multi-split unit air conditioners, and after-sales maintenance and servicing.