Supplier of Convair evaporative coolers in South Africa

Turbovent supplies Convair evaporative cooling units, ideal for use in the harsh South African climate. We also offer expert installation and maintenance services.


Convair evaporative coolers offer outstanding performance, with exceptionally low operating costs. They cool interiors using a natural process that is eco-friendly (with zero chemical refrigerants) and up to 80% more energy efficient than traditional cooling units.

The coolers deliver fresh, cooled air to interiors, with no recirculation of fumes, germs or odours.

They cool in-coming air using built-in Tornado™ water pumps and cooling pads with a proprietary small cell design. This increases the pads’ surface area and multiplies their cooling capacity well beyond that delivered by standard coolers.

Convair evaporative coolers are lightweight and durable. They feature corrosion-proof cabinets and UV-stabilised structural polymer materials, which won’t corrode or rust.

Convair is an Australian brand owned by Seeley International, a global leader in the manufacture and distribution of heating and cooling solutions.

In South Africa, the Convair brand is supported by a Seeley International sales office in Gauteng and a local network of spare parts distributors. The units comply with ISO:9001 quality standards and are backed by extensive component-specific warranties.

Turbovent offers affordable installation and maintenance services for Convair evaporative coolers and air conditioners. Our focus is on making sure customers get the right cooling solutions for their needs and on maximising the lifespan of the units they choose.