Supplier of Bradford Ventilation ventilators in South Africa

Turbovent supplies Bradford Ventilation units, including the compact GP Vent ventilators for vehicles.


Bradford Ventilation, previously known as Edmonds Ventilation, has an 80-year track record of designing and manufacturing high-performance air exchange systems.

It has won numerous awards, including the 2013 AIRAH Excellence in Sustainability Award, 2013 Good Design Award and 2008 Achiever Award. In 2016, the brand’s hybrid ventilator clinched the top spot in the MEP Services category at the Big 5 Gaia Awards.

Today, the company’s range includes electrical, wind-driven and hybrid air exchange systems. These are exported worldwide.

A line of roof-top and under-floor vehicle ventilation for cars, caravans and bulk transporters is one of its latest innovations.

Popular in South Africa, Bradford Ventilation’s GP Vent unit is a compact, wind-driven ventilator for vehicles. It is also effective as a ventilator for garden sheds and other small or portable structures.

Bradford Ventilation systems, including the GP Vent, are made at an ISO:9001 accredited factory in Australia. They are built to offer exceptional performance in harsh climates, like ours in South Africa.

Turbovent offers affordable installation and maintenance services for turbine ventilators, for residential and commercial or light industrial use.