Supplier of Airsure electric patio heaters in South Africa

Turbovent is a key supplier of Airsure patio heaters in South Africa. The stylish, low-profile units are suitable for residential and commercial applications. A team of experienced Turbovent technicians is available to install and service the heaters.

Airsure patio heaters use the latest infrared technology to provide targeted, energy-efficient heating of medium to large outdoor areas. Units are wall or ceiling mounted.

They provide optimal heating of verandas, decks, entertainment areas, pubs, restaurants and warehouses. They can be turned on and off according to need.

Units warm up quickly and retain heat well. Heating capabilities range from 20 m2 to 40 m2 depending on the model.

Airsure electric patio heaters have a comparatively low carbon footprint. They emit 85% less carbon dioxide than conventional gas heaters. Plug-and-play energy consumption is low. It varies from 2 kW to 4 kW an hour.

Airsure electric patio heaters are safe, efficient and cost-effective outdoor heating solutions.

Turbovent offers professional installations and specialised maintenance of Airsure electric patio heaters.