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5 Aesthetically Pleasing Inverter Air Conditioner Models

Summer is in the air and it is time to think about cooling down in the high temperatures that will soon follow. What better than a stylish air conditioning unit to keep everybody in the room comfortable?

Although running an air conditioner in summer can use large amounts of energy, the latest inverter air conditioners save on electrical costs. Instead of turning the compressor on and off, the inverter adjusts the work done by the compressor to maintain an ideal temperature, saving on average 30% of your running costs.

Have a look at these affordable and efficient units that are also easy on the eye and available from Turbovent.

Samsung MSP Hide Away Inverter Unit

Samsung MSP Hide Away Inverter Unit

The Samsung MSP Hide Away Inverter Unit is slim and compact, making it easy to install, maintain and repair. Hiding away in the ceiling, it fits in with the decor of any room, with the compressor outdoors.

The MSP system features the new Samsung Smart Inverter Technology, offering:

  • high energy efficiency
  • powerful heating and cooling
  • silent operation and
  • reliable performance

It is also energy-efficient because it operates at different power levels and therefore less motor run-time which makes it quieter. This clever unit can automatically make adjustments to offset any changes in the room composition, such as more people, fewer people and open or closed windows.

Alliance Aqua Inverter Midwall Split

The Alliance Arctic Inverter Midwall Split has lovely sleek lines and a hidden temperature display to ensure it harmonises with any room. The piping length of up to 30 metres allows for convenient positioning of the outdoor unit to avoid it interfering with the outside look of your house.

This energy-efficient inverter unit offers:

  • the latest Wi-Fi-ready technology (buy the Wi-Fi___33 module separately)
  • eco-friendly R410A gas
  • LED temperature display and
  • optional installation kit with 3 m piping, bracket and interconnecting cable

Jet-Air Inverter Range R410 Cassette

The Jet-Air Inverter Range R410 Cassette is a good choice if you want excellent and energy saving performance. These universal outdoor units with diversified indoor units will blend in with existing room furnishings.

This unit, which is installed in the ceiling of a room, offers:

  • fresh air intake
  • silent operation
  • auto restart function
  • self-diagnosis function and
  • sleep mode

Also consider the optional features of long distance monitoring, a weekly timer and low ambient cooling.

Jet-Air Inverter Range R410 Under-ceiling

The Jet-Air Inverter Range R410 Under-ceiling unit will suit a bigger space. It offers:

  • multiple temperature display
  • smart zone controller
  • power-off memory function and
  • anti-freezing preparation

Jet-Air Inverter Range R410 Duct Inverter HSP

Jet-Air Inverter Range R410 Duct Inverter HSP

The Jet-Air Inverter Range R410 Duct Inverter HSP will add a little sophistication to a room with its ultra-slim design and ultra-fresh air intake. The fresh air intake is reserved and convenient to connect with the air duct.

The size of the plate from the bottom is the same as the flange from the back, which makes it convenient to change installation style.

This unit offers:

  • an optional built-in water drainage pump that can lift condensing water up to 800mm high from the drainage pan
  • flexible air intake options with air intake from the back as standard and optional from the bottom

If summer is hotting up for you, it is time to visit Turbovent at

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