18,000 BTU Air Conditioners in South Africa: Prices & Specs

18,000 BTU Air Conditioners in South Africa: Prices & Specs

With so many 18,000 BTU air conditioners in South Africa, it can be tricky to choose a brand and model to suit your needs.

To make this easier, we’ve compiled a guide to some of the best and most affordable 18,000 BTU air conditioners, with prices, specs and key features.

What does BTU mean in relation to air conditioners?
BTU is short for British Thermal Unit. It measures the amount of heat an air conditioner removes from a room within an hour.

How big an area will an 18,000 BTU air conditioner cool? 

An air con of this size can cool areas of up to 32 quickly and efficiently.

A quick rundown of air conditioner types    

In South Africa, air conditioners are divided into five broad categories – inverters, non-inverters, split units, cassettes and under-ceiling units.

The first two categories – inverters and non-inverters – are defined by the type of compressor motor in use.

Inverters have variable speed compressors that automatically adjust to regulate the temperature. These types of air cons are more energy-efficient and provide consistent cooling and heating.

Non-inverters have fixed speed compressors. Motors turn on and off at regular intervals to maintain the desired temperature. Power usage is higher, but the initial cost of the unit is lower.

Split units, cassettes and under-ceiling units have different designs.

Split air conditioners are typically wall-mounted and have neat, horizontal lines. These types of air cons are compact, unobtrusive and efficient at cooling smaller spaces.

Cassette air cons are larger and square. The interior unit is mounted inside the ceiling, with only the front panel visible. Cooled air is distributed through central vents, as well as the sides. Cassettes are suitable for cooling large spaces – retail stores, hotel lobbies and clinics.

Under-ceiling air conditioners are mounted underneath the ceiling. They have flat horizontal profiles similar in style to split units but are typically larger and more powerful. These air cons are ideal for residential and commercial applications.

Split, cassette and under-ceiling A/Cs have two “split system” components – one is mounted indoors and distributes the cooled air. The other is installed outdoors and consists of the compressor motor.

All three designs are available as inverter and fixed speed non-inverter configurations.

Best 18,000 BTU air conditioners in South Africa    

Here is our pick of the best 18,000 BTU air conditioners according to type. Selections are based on overall performance, efficiency and price.

Best 18,000 BTU inverter air conditioners

The top two 18,000 BTU inverter air conditioners are high-tech cooling solutions offering maximised efficiency and long-terms savings.

Best choice for optimal cooling comfort

Samsung has embedded the latest digital technology into the AR 4500 to provide users with countless functions and features.

The elegant wall-mounted unit has a muffler to dampen noise. A sleep mode regulates temperatures according to sleep cycles.

All-of-room cool air distribution is enabled by a two-way auto-swing function. Asthma and allergy sufferers are protected by a washable filter that traps pollen, toxins and allergens before they pollute the air.

Best choice for quick, efficient cooling 

The signature feature of the XA51 is the speed at which it cools a room. Five speed settings, coupled with an AI inverter algorithm, provide maximised air flow that’s temperature regulated according to ambient conditions.

As well as a range of energy-efficient and convenience features and functions, the remote-controlled split-wall mounted unit is elegantly styled and competitively priced.

Best 18,000 BTU non-inverter air conditioners

Light on the pocket and with fewer working parts, non-inverter air conditioners are easy to repair and maintain. They’re the ideal solution for cooling larger spaces – in the home and work environment.

Best choice for low-cost cooling 

With B class energy efficiency and cost-effective pricing, this mid-wall split unit does the job it’s meant to do without all the whistles and bells.

It’s the ideal heating and cooling solution for budget-conscious South Africans. The unit comes with a full-function remote control and five-year compressor warranty.

Best 18,000 BTU cassette air conditioners

With low-profile designs and multi-air-flow capabilities, these cassettes are great for providing discreet yet effective all-of-room air conditioning.

Best choice for cooling “inner sanctums”

The Arctic is ideal for cooling spaces where the distance to the exterior of the building – and therefore the outdoor unit – is great.

It has a powerful inverter compressor motor and three fan speeds capable of distributing cooled air over long distances.

The neat flush-to-ceiling design, and the fact that it uses more environmentally-friendly refrigerant, ensures this unit by Alliance takes top billing in the best 18,000 BTU cassette category.

Best choice for powerful, small space cooling 

The 4-Way Mini offers maximised air distribution without a hint of a draught. Air flows through vents on all four sides of the unit, plus thousands of micro-holes punched into the grill.

This air con is 50% more energy efficient than a non-inverter. It also has a lower carbon footprint due to the addition of fluorinated greenhouse gas to the refrigerant. 

Samsung’s mini cassette is the small-space solution for environmentally-conscious South Africans.

Best 18,000 BTU split air conditioners

Our split air conditioners are high-tech, feature-rich units designed for single-room applications.

Best choice for safe home cooling    

The Aqua is a Wi-Fi enabled inverter unit that can operate under extreme conditions. It has a powerful compressor motor and 3D air-flow function that controls the flow and direction of the chilled air.

Key features targeting safety-first consumers are a refrigerant-leakage detection system, fireproof box, and high-surge power protection. It even has a multi-layer filter to sanitise cooled air.

Although on the pricey side, this slit wall-mounted unit is a quality product suitable for home, office and commercial use.

Best choice for regulated cooling – day and night 

The top-of-the-range non-inverter midwall split has all the latest functions and features. It provides rapid cooling results and distributes filtered and dehumidified air throughout the room.

Auto-clean capabilities, good sleep mode and an auto-restart function that kicks in immediately after load-shedding ends, are a few of the key features of this affordable wall-mounted unit.

Best 18,000 BTU underceiling air conditioners

As the most powerful 18,000 BTU air conditioners on the market, under-ceiling A/Cs are effective at cooling open-plan offices and small buildings.

Best choice for quick, powerful cooling of large spaces    

Powerful, eco-friendly and with a top A+ energy-efficiency rating, the Maldives has a sleek, elegant design suitable for applications in conference rooms and boardrooms.

It has a quiet, single inverter compressor motor with enlarged fin blades that quickly distribute cool air over distances up to 15 metres.

The remote-controlled unit is primarily designed for large-space cooling in the commercial and light industrial sectors. It uses more environmentally-friendly refrigerant to cool the air.

Where to buy 18,000 BTU air conditioners in South Africa 

Turbovent is a leading supplier of quality cooling and heating products in South Africa. Purchases are facilitated through an online store and shipped to addresses nationwide.

As well as supplying a range of 18,000 BTU air conditioners from leading international and local brands, Turbovent offers cost-effective installation and maintenance services.

Established in 1999 at its HQ in Germiston, Gauteng, Turbovent is an all-in-one solution for residential, commercial and light industrial cooling requirements.

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