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about Turbovent


Turbovent Africa is uniquely positioned as South Africa’s specialist in indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions. Turbovent was established in 1990 by South African engineer, Robert Snow. The company launched with the now well-known Whirlybird turbine ventilator.

Turbovent imports, manufactures and distributes a growing range of products including turbine ventilators, air conditioners, ducting and heating solutions. We continuously strive to introduce affordable new technology, aimed at providing IAQ solutions that save energy and reduce costs.

Our crew of experienced technicians provide installation and maintenance services for our products throughout Gauteng.


Turbine Ventillation

The world’s most environmentally friendly cooling system.

Evaporative Cooling

Natural ventilation for your factory, warehouse or home.

Air Conditioners

Cool your home or office in the summer and heat it in the winter months.


Heat your home with no electricity costs this winter.

indoor air quality

IAQ is of fundamental importance in enclosed working and leisure spaces. IAQ is affected by air temperature, humidity, air-borne particulate, the ion balance, contaminants such as dust and pollen, odourous vapours and toxic fumes.

Poor IAQ is responsible for undesirable effects such as lethargy, illness, low motivation and deterioration of stored merchandise. Even your corporate image can be affected.

  • In the workplace: low productivity due to staff turnover, absenteeism, mistakes, low work rate.
  • In homes and leisure spaces, a generally poor quality of life.
  • In storage facilities, deterioration of perishable goods such as flowers, vegetables, rubber and foodstuffs.
  • In animal shelters such as stables, milking parlours and chicken sheds.
  • Buildings can be severely damaged if IAQ is bad.

Turbovent’s products improve IAQ through the use of value-for-money
solutions employing energyefficient

An investment in improving IAQ is inevitably justifiable by a tangible return on investment.

environmentally friendly

Turbovent’s Bonaire range of evaporative coolers cools the whole home at up to 87% lower cost than conventional air conditioners.

It is environmentally friendly producing less than 15% of the greenhouse gases produced by a standard ducted reverse cycle system.

  • The filtered air is soft and gentle on the nose, eyes and skin – ideal for asthma and hayfever sufferers.
  • As water conservation is a worldwide priority, Bonaire has a number of water saving technologies that ensures water usage is kept to a minimum.
  • Doors and windows are left open, allowing for continuous outdoor lifestyle.